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Texas State Technical College Standards of Academic Progress

Texas State Technical College (TSTC) students who receive financial aid must be enrolled in an eligible program and are required to maintain the following standards of satisfactory academic progress (SAP).

Effective for classes beginning Fall 2015

These measurements shall be used to determine eligibility for all federal Title IV aid, state and institutional aid, and for other financial assistance unless the terms of a particular grant or funding source require additional terms. SAP is calculated at the end of each term. Some aid programs require higher standards, such as higher grade point averages (GPA) or specific enrollment statuses. Students receiving financial aid must have a declared major in a degree or eligible certificate program. Students are expected to be continually aware of their progress toward their completion. A student who fails to meet the standard of progress (SAP) will be notified by email at the email address on the student record; however, failure to receive notification will not change the SAP status.

TSTC evaluates all parts of the Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards at the end of each term of enrollment.

Repayment of Federal Funds: Return of Title IV [pdf]

Appeals will only be granted for conditions causing extreme hardship to the student, such as the death of a family member, illness or injury of the student, or other special circumstances. The appeal should include supporting documentation regarding your mitigating circumstance, such as medical statements or death certificates, or other supporting documentation. Special circumstance considerations will be limited to extreme hardships. Only one appeal for mitigating circumstances will normally be considered during a student’s enrollment at TSTC. However, on a case-by-case basis, the Financial Aid Office will review additional appeals, based on the student’s circumstances. The Financial Aid Office will consider recommendations from counselors or advisors when reviewing appeals.

Appeals will be reviewed by a committee comprised of campus personnel. The decision of the committee will be final. Students are notified of the appeal decision by email. The decision of the department is final and cannot be appealed. Not enrolling for one or more terms does not remove the probation or suspension status.

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