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Texas State Technical College Functional Operational Plans and Unit Action Plans

Functional Operating Plans

Texas State Technical College (TSTC) identifies expected outcomes for educational programs and administrative and educational support services and assesses the extent to which it achieves these outcomes through Functional Operational Plans and Unit Action Plans. In addition to these plans, the use of internal reviews, such as comprehensive self‐studies and program reviews, standing committee recommendations, survey results, audits and other mechanisms to identify areas for improvement, TSTC is well established in assessment of the outcomes of programs, services and activities.

Components of functional operating plan and unit action plan assessment reports include the following elements:  

  • Department/Units intended outcomes (administrative and student learning when applicable)
  • Strategies to achieve intended outcomes
  • Methodology for evaluation (including measures and targets)
  • Budget requests (if applicable)
  • Year 1 results and planned improvements (improvement actions)
  • Year 2 follow‐up (results of implemented improvements).

Unit Action Plans

Unit Action Plans (UAP) facilitates planning at the program/unit level. Unit Action Plans include program/unit level assessment for educational programs, educational support units, and administrative support units.  At TSTC, UAPs include reporting for both student learning outcomes (required of educational programs only) and administrative outcomes (required of educational programs and non‐educational units).

Outcome assessments are a reflection of unit priorities and provide focus for upcoming assessment activities. Student learning outcomes and administrative outcomes are distinguished through the following definitions:

Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) are operational statements of demonstrable knowledge or skill that students will possess upon completion of a program/course. Outcomes statements are specific and derived from program‐level learning competencies.

Administrative Outcomes are operational and specific statements derived from a unit’s core functions that describe the desired quality of key services within an administrative unit and define exactly what the services should promote (modified from Selim et al., 2005b, p. 19).


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