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Texas State Technical College Air Traffic Controller Requirements

The Air Traffic Control (AT-CTI) program at Texas State Technical College (TSTC) is a highly competitive and very demanding two-year program leading to an Associate Degree in Applied Science with a concentration in Air Traffic Management. Our main goal is to prepare our students for the academic and practical challenges they will face while at the FAA Academy in Oklahoma City. You can get more information on the program here.

While the FAA does not guarantee employment to anyone graduating from a CTI program, it is one of the few hiring sources available for those that do not have any previous training in air traffic control; such as military controllers.

TSTC is the only public institution in Texas that offers this program and while I cannot guarantee any student a job, we will give them the knowledge to successfully pass the FAA Academy once they get hired. We have three full-time retired FAA Air Traffic Controllers and one part-time simulator specialists (Air Traffic graduate, Class of 2015) to teach these young men and women everything they will need to become attractive candidates to the FAA.

Please go to the TSTC website ( and click on “APPLY.” Once there, apply for admission for the upcoming semester, but please know that you may have to wait several months before you receive a determination letter from the college. Also, when you receive an acceptance letter you must understand that the letter only applies to your acceptance to the college and not to the Air Traffic Controller program. You will receive a separate notification from me once you are accepted into the Air Traffic Controller program.


The minimum requirements for admission are:

1. Must be a US citizen
2. Must have a minimum High School and/or College GPA of 2.5 or greater
3. Maximum Age 27 ½ by Fall 2016. (Exceptions by Department Chair Approval)

The program is five semesters long with each semester lasting 15 weeks. We start all new students in the fall term, so anyone starting in the fall of 2016 would be eligible for graduation in April 2018.

If you wish to begin the application process, please submit the following documents:

1. Application page attached to this email
2. Statement of Citizenship attached to this email
3. Copy of Birth certificate
4. Copy of Social Security Card
5. Selective Service Registration Verification (for males age 18 through 26)
6. Official High School Transcripts with Scores
7. Official College transcripts (If you are attending or have attended college) (DUAL CREDIT programs must provide both)
8. Most recent meningitis vaccination records (Age 22 or under)
9. 500-word essay "Why I want to be an Air Traffic Controller"

Also, download and fill out the attached forms and send them to me as well. Although you can scan the documents and email them to me in PDF format, you can also mail them to me at the following address:

Texas State Technical College
Attn: Air Traffic Control Dept.
3801 Campus Drive
Waco, Texas 76705

Thank you very much for contacting TSTC and please let me know if I can answer any other question or concerns that you may have.

Darwin L. Klontz
ATC Department Chair

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