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You make that
white hat
look good.

You can use your cyber skills for good and save the da(ta).

Help others stand strong
against breaches.

Technology advances create new possibilities, not just for the good guys, but for the bad ones as well. We hear of cyber crimes regularly in the news with so much personal, corporate and government information being stored and shared online. That’s where you come in. Your digital security and forensic skills are in need to protect personal and private data and prevent intrusion. And, when breaches do occur, you’ll need to help track down the intruders.

TSTC's hands-on training uses the latest available equipment and software, including programs used by the FBI to track and catch cyber criminals. The path you take is up to you. TSTC offers an Associate of Applied Science degree and certifications in Cyber Security , as well as an Advanced Technical Certificate in Digital Forensics.


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