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Texas State Technical College Goals for Student Achievement


Texas State Technical College (TSTC) is a coeducational two-year, multi-campus institution of higher education providing innovative and responsive programs and courses of study in technical education for which there is demand in the State of Texas, with emphasis on advanced and emerging technologies. Administrators, faculty, and staff gather many types of data in order to document, analyze, report on, and improve student success and achievement.

The College has set goals for undergraduate student achievement in several key, interdependent areas.

In Fiscal Year 2017, TSTC leadership initiated our first strategic planning effort which supports TSTC’s vision, Place more Texans. The approved plan includes a wildly important goal that is focused on student success, of which these measures support.

  1. First Year Average Wage of Graduates found Working
  2. Number of Degrees and Certificates awarded in Technical Programs
  3. Three-Year Graduation Rate
  4. Licensure Examination Pass Rate
  5. 1st Term Persistence Rate

First Year Average Wage of Graduates Found Working

TSTC consistently measures the wage of its graduates in an effort to gauge the effectiveness of its instructional programs.  The college strives to ensure that the wage produced consistently and keeps pace with inflation.


Fiscal Year of Graduating Cohort
Graduate Wage*

 Fiscal Year of Graduating Cohort
 Graduate Wage*
33,199 32,912 33,643

*Nominal wage, prior to Inflation Adjustments


Number of Degrees and Certificates Awarded in Technical Programs

Congruent with its mission, TSTC strives to consistently increase the number of technical degrees awarded to its students. TSTC was designed to be a market leader in this initiative, and therefore its goal in this area is to increase the # of degrees at a rate that outpaces other institutions.

Definitions: Degrees - Measured by the THECB and includes Associates, Certificates (Level 1, Level 2 and Advanced Technology)

Technical - Technical/ STEM degrees are those whose CIP code is considered Technical for TSTC or is in the STEM approved list.

Fiscal Year
Number of Awards
2,472 2,863
Growth Rate from FY 2014
6% 23% 27%
Two Year Texas Colleges -  # Awards
44,309 47,363 47,062
Community College Growth Rate from FY 2014
6% 13% 12%

Three-Year Graduation Rate

As published by the THECB, percentage of first-time, full-time entering degree-seeking students who enrolled in a minimum of 12 semester credit hours (SCH) their first fall semester at a Texas public institution and graduated from the same institution or another Texas public or private (independent) institution within three academic years. TSTC strives to exceed the performance of its peers and itself in prior year and has set a goal to improve its 3 year graduation rate by 5%, keeping a minimum threshold of 23.69%

Cohort Year
 2013 2014 2015
TSTC Graduation Rate
31.02% 34.69% 43.94%
Peer Graduation Rate
18.21% 21.34% 22.83%


In summary, these student achievement measures allow TSTC to evaluate success consistent with its mission.

Licensure Examination Pass Rates

Monitoring the pass rates of applicable licensure exams is another way in which TSTC measures student achievement. The minimum level of achievement is a passing score for each relevant examining agency, and the goal is that TSTC students will consistently score above statewide averages.

Communications Technologies/Technicians100%
Computer and Information Sciences100%63%74%
Construction Trades 95% 
Engineering Technologies 100%99%100%
Health Professions and related programs 92%89%95%
Mechanic and Repair Technologies/Technicians 89%87%98%
Personal and Culinary Services 82%87% 
Precision Production100% 100%
Transportation and Materials Moving100%87%100%


First Term Persistence Rate


As defined by TSTC, persistence is the percentage of first-time traditional students who continued enrollment from the Fall semester to persist and complete the following Spring semester.

First-time is defined as students in their first undergraduate term at TSTC in which they registered and did not drop 100% of their classes on or before the drop date deadline.

Traditional student is defined as a non-dual credit student.


Cohort Term14/Fall
Persistence Rate
77% 78% 75% 78% 81% 



In summary, these student achievement measures allow TSTC to evaluate success consistent with its mission.

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