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Texas State Technical College Mission

TSTC has both a legislatively defined mission established by the Texas State Legislature and an Expanded Statement of Purpose, which is reviewed and approved by the TSTC Board of Regents.


Legislative Mission Statement

The Texas State Technical College System mission is published in Vernon’s Texas Education Code Section 135.01:

Texas State Technical College System is a coeducational two-year institution of higher education offering courses of study in technical vocational education for which there is demand within the State of Texas. Texas State Technical College System shall contribute to the educational and economic development of the State of Texas by offering occupationally oriented programs with supporting academic course work, emphasizing highly specialized advanced and emerging technical and vocational areas for certificates or associate degrees.

The Texas State Technical College System is authorized to serve the State of Texas through excellence in instruction, public service, faculty and manpower research, and economic development. The system's economic development efforts to improve the competitiveness of Texas business and industry include exemplary centers of excellence in technical program clusters on the system's campuses and support of educational research commercialization initiatives.

Through close collaboration with business, industry, governmental agencies, and communities, including public and private secondary and post secondary educational institutions, the system shall facilitate and deliver an articulated and responsive technical education system. In developing and offering highly specialized technical programs with related supportive coursework, primary consideration shall be placed on industrial and technological manpower needs of the state. The emphasis of each Texas State Technical College System campus shall be on advanced or emerging technical programs not commonly offered by public junior colleges.


Expanded Purpose Statement

Texas State Technical College (TSTC) is a coeducational two-year, multi-campus institution of higher education providing innovative and responsive programs and courses of study in technical education for which there is demand in the State of Texas, with emphasis on advanced and emerging technologies.  TSTC is a leader in building the economic vibrancy of Texas by providing excellence in learning experiences, on location and at a distance, and through diverse technical programs and rigorous curricula offerings. TSTC facilitates the transfer of technical expertise through the placement of former students, who have obtained hands-on learning experience, in jobs with Texas business and industry.  TSTC works collaboratively both internally and with other organizations to increase the availability of relevant technical education in Texas and to be accountable to its various constituencies. Integrity in all of its dealings provides the foundation of TSTC’s mission.

TSTC awards include Associate of Applied Science degrees, Certificates of Completion, badges (skill-set institutional awards) and workforce certificates. TSTC also provides opportunities for the seamless transfer of credits to other colleges and universities, including awards at its Harlingen campus for Associate of Science degrees and institutional recognitions for completion of the General Education Core curricula.

TSTC makes higher education affordable, readily accessible and personal through multiple instructional delivery systems, counseling and guidance services, student activities and the opportunity to learn in a residential setting at several of its campuses. By offering TSTC programs and services in flexible times and places, TSTC students are able to achieve their educational and career goals at a pace that meets their needs while minimizing the elapsed time needed to reach those goals.  To achieve time and place flexibility, TSTC offers traditional higher education credit programs taught on a semester basis, dual credit programs that lead to marketable skills achievement or further education (in partnerships with Independent School Districts), competency-based education and training delivery, online instruction, project-based learning activities, continuing education, and specialized training for business and industry. TSTC operates its programs and services in accordance with the public trust for which it is responsible.

Diversity in the student body and in faculty and staff is a value that TSTC strives to achieve. It is TSTC’s goal for the ethnicity of these groups to mirror statewide and local demographics. Likewise, serving non-traditional and special population groups has always been a TSTC keynote, with specialized services provided to assist where and when needed.

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